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Trinfinity8 Sessions
Treatments are customized, based on the individuals needs and tailored to target:
  • Stress Reduction
  • Energy Restoration
  • Anti-Aging Health & Nutrition
  • Skin & Hair Rejuvenation Face & Beauty 
  • Weight Management 
  • Body Sculpting  
With over 70 programs to choose from, Trinfinity8 truly offers something for everyone.

T8 may help with:

 - Balancing body systems
Improving nutritional components

Detoxifying the system
Lightening the emotional load
Improving skin quality
Repairing injuries

Relieving pain
Thickening/restoring hair growth

Lessening/eliminating facial wrinkles
Improving sexual function
Restoring hair color
Lifting and toning sagging skin

Losing or gaining weight safely
Sleeping more deeply and fully

Increasing energy
Lessening or eliminating stress

When you get your system into a more optimal function, you may:

 - Feel healthier and happier
  - Think more clearly and feel more like yourself
  - Feel stronger, more alive, more empowered
  - Look and feel younger, brighter
  - Feel more centered, balanced and connected

                 Trinfinity8  - Software with Soul 

              A Tool for Positive Personal Change!

We offer various options for you to experience Trinfinity8.

Individual Sessions - Indulge your imagination creating custom protocols for addressing any of your specific body, health, and wellness needs and desires. A session is typically 30-60 minutes 1-2 times per week. 8-10 sessions recommended.  Results may vary depending on the individual and frequency of use. Check our Package Specials.

Distant Healing with Trinfinity8 - Can be done for individuals, pets, groups & places.

Home & Space Clearing – Custom protocol to clear home or work environment to rid & clear negative entities and improve the overall energetic atmosphere of an environment.

 Programmed & Charged Crystal T8 Remedies - Especially made with a custom protocol to address specific body, health and wellness needs and desires.

Groups & Gatherings - Invite Trinfinity8 to your groups’ next gathering. Trinfinity8's effects are noticeably amplified by the group's energy. Experience the amazing power of Trinfinity8 when two or more are gathered.  

Own a Trinfinity8 System - Imagine having all these amazing programs all to your very self! Purchasing your own Trinfinity8 gives you complete freedom to focus on what you want, as long as you want, and whenever you choose! Run remote custom programs directed specifically to you only – every day if you wish – and watch yourself change before your own eyes. For healthcare providers and retreat and spa facilities Trinfinity8 provides a potent new modality for expanding your healing practice.

The benefits of the Trinfinity8 are best gained by doing a series of sessions. ** Discounts apply for a pre-purchased course of sessions.

Sessions with your Trinfinity8 System go far beyond rejuvenation and beautification treatments ... they transport you to a powerful inner healing place, raising your vitality and radiance to more vibrant levels. 


DISLCLAIMER:  Nothing about the Trinfinity8 is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical problems or medical conditions.  Information on Trinfinity8 is intended to be used for educational purposes only.  The statements of this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such, shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise.  Trinfinity8 is for investigational use only.
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