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Litios Intuitive Light Body Reading & Spiritual Healing

We are made up of energy/light which extends inward and connects us to our source. As spiritual beings of light/energy we experience life in order to expand our consciousness and allow our souls to evolve. During this process of going through life, we are separated from our essence, our soul, in our minds. It is this separation that creates a state of imbalance, as we think, speak and act in non-alignment with our souls. In time this results in what we call "dis-ease" at a physical, emotional and mental levels.  The process of re-alignment with our essence, our soul, through the flow of energy/light, is what is called Spiritual Healing.

As the universal life force energy of Spiritual Healing begins to flow, it reverses any conditions of unbalance in a perfect rhythm and it does it in the degree in which we are ready to receive it.  It never goes against your will.  If it flows to you then you are in agreement with it, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level.

Spiritual Healing is a natural form of healing that restores overall balance and harmony and always flows in perfect divine order.  Thank God!


What is involved?


  • Intuitive Light Body Reading
  • Aura & Chakra Balancing using the Litios Light Crystals
  • Biomat Healing 
  • Essentials oils for anointing the body 
  • Litios Guided Meditation & Prayer 
  • Litios Sound Therapy Music
  • Assistance from Messengers of Light

During an healing session, I work with Litios® Light Crystals, essential oils and various other powerful healing tools. I call upon Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels and our Light Brothers & Sisters so I may be a channel of light to assist YOU in YOUR healing. I work with my intuitive energy to read your energetic bodies (chakras & aura) and work with you to release blockages and negative energies.  

I am a Certified Litios Diamond Light Priestess and I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge, life experiences and spreading love, light and healing to all.


Benefits of Spiritual Healing
  • More overall Balance
  • Deeper feelings of Peace
  • Deeper feelings of Joy
  • Deeper feelings of Compassion
  • Elevated levels of Energy 
  • Enhancement of the Senses
  • New levels of Awareness
  • Acceleration of Spiritual Evolution
  • Reversal of ‘Dis-eases’
  • Strengthening of the Vital Organs
  • Rejuvenation
  • Greater Breathing Capacity
What takes place during Spiritual Healing?   
  • Alignment and Balancing of Chakras
  • Release of Old Negative Emotional/Mental Energies 
  • Increase of Energy Frequency to a Higher Vibrational Level
  • Clearing and Recharging of the Aura 
  • Expansion of Energy Meridians/Channels

What could be experienced during Spiritual Healing?

You may experience a range of things before, during and after your session. As the flow of energy opens up pathways and centers of energy within the body, blockages get released and sometimes side effects can be felt.  These releases can be physical, emotional and/or mental in nature.  Healing is all about releasing the old, the past, and becoming more balanced. Side effects may include vivid dreams, flashbacks, tingling sensations, pulsations, heat, diarrhea and fatigue.

These are all good signs that the energy is opening up your pathways, and there is no reason to worry. The energy could never harm you in any way.  After the release is over, you will feel better than before, you will feel much lighter.

It is important to drink a couple of glasses of water before and after the session to help facilitate the physical release of toxins.

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