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Life Sound Frequency Therapy – Music for Your Cells

There is nothing more natural than sound frequencies, and we all know that Music influences our energy levels and our emotions. What if this powerful natural phenomenon that has such influence on our emotions and energy is actually a key to Health and Wellness? Sound frequencies are composed into millions of songs for our listening pleasure. The next step beyond this is Music for your Cells – and that’s what Life Sound Frequency Therapy is all about!

Life Sound Frequency Therapy is an advanced wellness tool designed to use the natural healing power of sound to provide you with drug free alternatives to a healthier life without any nasty side effects.

Life Sound Frequency Therapy is a transformational tool that can restore health, wellness, energy, emotional balance and vitality; a natural tool that restores functionality, releases energy blocks from injury and trauma; relieves symptoms associated with various conditions, dis-ease and toxicity from the body; an effective tool that does no harm.

Sound frequency research is underway at major universities today building on 80 years of frequency research and that research is built into Life Sound Frequency Technology.

Most of us have witnessed how the power of a tone sung by an Opera singer that can shatter a glass. The right sound frequencies, used in the right combinations, can have powerful and positive healing effects on the human mind, body and emotions.

Life Sound Frequency Therapy is a professional and powerful software technology that is designed to go through quality speakers and headphones!

There are literally thousands of preset frequencies and programs
for weight loss, fatigue, insomnia, depression, chakra balancing, brain entrainment, pain and injury recovery.

To experience Life Sound Frequency Therapy I offer private sessions. A session is safe, simple and non-invasive process. The session lasts around one hour and all you need to do is have an open mind. You lie down and relax on a massage table and the headphones are placed on or near the affected part of your body. You will remain fully clothed so dress comfortably.

A single session can produce great results but for optimal benefit it is helpful to have 1-2 weekly for 4 weeks to begin with to really notice the changes. Your initial session may take up to 1.5 hours, then each subsequent session around 45 minutes - 1 hour.

To Book a Session. Discounted Prepaid packages available.

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