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Holistic Health Practitioner, Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Energy Healer, Wellness Coach & Teacher

Sharon Walsh Bowen Therapist and Healer Toronto

I use the profoundly effective Bowen Therapy to free you from your pain.

I can help you as I have helped so many others!

I have years of experience perfecting techniques based on individual requirements.

I focus to solve your unique problems of pain and injury, acute or chronic, hence renew your health and capacity to enjoy life.

I can help you recover from pain and injury problems more quickly, less expensively, more easily and more safely.

I work to stimulate your innate healing capacity through this powerful, pain-free modality.

I hold Bowen Therapy in high esteem and reverence for its remarkable effectiveness and high level of dependability!

My holistic and integrative approach towards optimal health and well-being also includes various other healing modalities to meet my clients’ individual needs.

In my practice I witness miracles everyday when working with Bowen Therapy in facilitating others’ healing to becoming totally pain-free.

I am a Registered Bowen Therapist and Holistic Practitioner having studied extensively several schools of Bowen Therapy protocol.

-The Bowen Technique
- Neurostructural Integra-     tion Technique  (NST)
- Neural Touch
- Advanced Bowen Therapy
- SMART Bowen

- Applied Myoskeletal Therapy
- Niromathe
- Dorn Method


Bowen Canada Registry - the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners

  • Registered Natural Health Practitioner (RNHP)    
  • Registered Bowen Health Practitioner      (RBHP) 
  • Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist          (CAHT)
  • Certified Reflexology Health Practitioner (CRHP)





Hello and Welcome to my site!   

My goal is to help keep YOU in optimum health and full of vital energy!

After many years spent dealing with my own chronic pain and health concerns, I can really truly appreciate the anguish experienced by many. My training and professional skills in the alternative health field have helped me immensely with improving my overall health and well-being. I believe the most important contribution I can make to humanity is sharing the lessons I have learned to assist those interested in preventative health-care and those facing health challenges. 

I strive to empower my clients to discover that “health is freedom” and a proactive and preventative approach makes sense in regards to overall health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My sessions are all geared towards structural & energetic alignment, detoxifying the body, decreasing pain, encouraging wellness, anti-aging, personal health and balance on all levels of human existence.

In the alternative health business since 2001, I continuously upgrade my knowledge and skills of unconventional and unique therapies to be at the forefront of some of the most effective healing therapies and technologies in the Holistic Health field

I have over 14 years of experience along with a keen intuitive sense in perfecting techniques based on my clients individual requirements. I am dedicated to provide my clients with an effective well-planned therapy plan and by understanding their current level of health assists me to determine specific lifestyle and wellness needs with the ultimate goal to maintain and dramatically improve overall health and well-being. Note that I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury or disability or physical condition.

All of the services I offer are safe, effective and help to resolve and prevent a myriad of acute and chronic degenerative conditions. I offer a safe, encouraging and empathetic environment to support my clients’ journey towards personal growth, deep fulfillment and total well-being.

My responsibility to you as a holistic health professional is to assist, facilitate and coach you along your path to good health & well-being……for me, it’s an honour.

If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please call or email me.


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