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Whether you're dealing with anxiety, trauma, stress, aging, physical pain or illness, the Trinfinity 8 system is a new way to restore your body and mind to health and leave you feeling uplifted and revitalized. The Trinfinity 8 or "T8" is a technology that uses quantum healing to create an energetic shift in the human body. This shift can be felt in your emotions, your mind, and in your physical health.

The Trinfinity 8 program can run from any ordinary computer. The T8 uses mathematical algorithms, fractals, and sacred geometry principles based on the healing work of the ancient Egyptian and Mayan people. These formulas are channeled through handheld quartz crystals that plug into the computer's USB port, and are enhanced by music and fractal images that transmit sacred geometry during a session.

In combination, these tools form a system that is being used by therapists and doctors to help patients suffering from trauma, depression, physical ailments and more. Trinfinity 8 has also been used in weight loss and nutrition programs, with dramatic results.

The Trinfinity 8 is one of the newest additions to my practice, and I'm already discovering how effective it can be with clients who have used it for stress, pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, skin restoration, and other therapeutic benefits.
Contact me by phone or email if you'd like to learn more or to try this revolutionary technology for yourself.

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