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Holistic Health Specials

Package Specials    

All Package Specials includes Amethyst Biomat Healing.

Unwind with Bowen

Combines Quantumwave Laser Unwind Protocol with Bowen Therapy for a deeper healing and relaxation effect. 1.5 hours
Initial Session Fee $125   Follow-up Sessions Fee $115

Mind-Body Bowen 
A unique combination of Bowen Therapy, Breathwork, Body Psychotherapy and Essential Oils that will assist to release emotional cellular memory held in the physical body. 2 hours
Session Fee $150

Pain-Free Fast
Combines Bowen Therapy with Quantumwave Laser pain protocols for fast healing results from acute and chronic pain. 2 hours
Session Fee $150

Slique Weight Loss 30 Day Program
Combines Young Livings Slique Weight Loss products along with eight Trinfinity8 Weight Loss sessions over 1 month.
Session Fee $320 + cost of product

Slim, Trim & Fit for Weight Loss
Combines Quantumwave Laser weight loss protocol with Trinfintiy8 Slim, Trim & Fit program. 1.5 hours
Session Fee: $120

Detox & Lymph Drainage
Begins with the Quantumwave Laser lymph drainage & detoxification protocol, then full body Lymphatic Drainage massage using especially blended essential oils as per individual need. 2.0 hours.
Session Fee $150

Hi-Tech Detox
Combines Ionic Foot Detox then Quantumwave Laser detox protocol for a deep cleansing & detox effect.   1.5 hours
Session Fee $120 

Wellness Tune-up
Combines Quantumwave Laser unwind, organ & chakra balancing protocol with Trinfinity8 Wellness program. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $120 

Forever Young & Anti-Aging
Combines Quantumwave Laser Anti-Aging protocol with Trinfinity8 Forever Young program. 2 hours
Session Fee $140

Wrinkle FREE in 1 Session!
Combines Quantumwave Laser Wrinkle Free protocol & Scenar Facial Treatment. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $140

Spiritual Oneness
Begins with Trinfinity8 Spiritual Oneness program followed by a session on the John of God Crystal Healing Bed. 75 minutes
Session Fee $100

Youthful Face
Combines Quantumwave Laser Facelift protocol with Trinfinity8 Youthful Face program. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $120

Blissed Out
Combines Vitaflex Reflexology with Essential Oils and John of God Crystal Healing Bed for a totally blissed out expereince. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $120

Restful Sleep
Great for Insomnia. Combines Quantumwave Laser unwind & sleep protocol with Trinfinity8 Restful Sleep program. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $120 

Female Balance
Combines Quantumwave Laser unwind & endocrine protocol with Trinfinity8 Female Balance program. Great for Libido, PMS, Menopause.   1.5 hours
Session Fee $120  

Male Balance
Great for Libido. Combines Quantumwave Laser unwind & endocrine balancing protocol with Trinfinity8 Male Balance program.  1.5 hours
Session Fee $120   

Immune Boosting
Great for colds, flus or feeling under the weather! Combines Quantumwave Laser organ & immune boosting protocol and Raindrop Technique using essential Oils. 2.0 hours
Session Fee $160

Distant Trinfinity8 14 Group Sessions
14 Distant Group Healing sessions. 2 times per week. For details.
Session Fee $140 

Breathe Again
Great for colds, flus, allergies & sinus congestion. Combines Quantumwave Laser unwind & detox protocol and NAT & Vitaflex using essential Oils. 1.5 hours
Session Fee $120 

$50 Introductory Detox Special


Ionic Detox Footspa   Foot Massage  Far Infrared Biomat

Detoxify    Rebalance   Relax   Rejuvenate   Replenish

Enjoy the Ultimate Healing Experience!

The session begins with a 30 minute warm,
soothing ionized foot bath to detox and rebalance your body relax for 10 minutes while receiving a cleaning and light massage of  your feet....the session ends a 20 minute session on the Far Infrared Biomat to reduce stress and fatigue.....The gentle warmth of the Biomat gives you an overall massaging effect, soothing jangled nerves and knotted muscles. You'll feel rejuvenated, renewed and restored.....
A true mind, body and spirit experience!


Detox for $40

When you book an Ionic Foot Detox with any of the following therapies or with Package Specials on this page.



Distant Healing with Trinfinity8 
14 Sessions for $140

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