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Source Energy Medicine Assessment & Healing Water Labels Toronto

Source Energy Medicine (SEM) is an empowering and elegantly simple holistic self healing methodology that is completely safe, simple and universally applicable with the intention of helping to heal every aspect of our lives and being. Another level of energy healing begins with the first drink of SEM charged water. 

SEM was developed by Stephen Pollitt, founder of Source Energy Research. Since the early days in 2004 when he made, sold and shipped remedies in 500 ml bottles, Stephen was committed to discovering new ways to greatly reduce our environmental impact while making SEM more affordable and more available to more people.  He was ultimately led to co-creating a leading edge technology that utilizes a specially designed charging label system that now allows anyone anywhere in the world to create over 190 different SEM remedies in their own home simply using bottles, good quality water and SEM charging label system. SEM labels are specifically designed to structure water molecules charging them with high callibrating vibrations and frequencies.

To obtain some valuable background on SEM check the Source Energy Medicine website where you can also purchase the SEM labels. As well you can download for FREE copy of Stephen Pollitts’ book “Heal Thyself” which gives a thorough overview of how SEM works and how it can be applied to enhance the quality of your life.

Many testimonials reflecting dramatic improvements in health as a direct result of drinking SEM water have been shared.

Needing help to get started on this program?
I offer an energetic assessment to determine your custom remedy protocol to directly address your specific goals and challenges. 

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