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SCENAR Therapy

Scenar - Woman’s Health & Cosmotology

Scenar revolutionalizes cosmetic surgery! This lady shows what it can do in just 1 hour of application.

The application of Scenar for beauty and rejuvenation is very remarkable.
Scenar Facial Treatments promote neuromuscular re-education and relaxation; creating a more youthful, rejuvenated look by strengthening the collagen matrix and muscular tissues of the face and neck.

Scenar for cosmetology is becoming very popular now-a-days when ‘beauty equals health’ and ‘health is the same as beauty’. Looking ‘young’ means not only appearing young but ‘feeling young’. SCENAR is popular for non-surgical and non-chemical "beauty-building".

Scenar offers a holistic beauty program that provides face-lifting, rejuvenation by restoration of blood circulation for healthy, long-term appearance of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, refining pores, improving the skins functions of balancing & toning and clearing acne and blemishes.

Scenar relieves and supports some of the complaints specific to women today and has also been known to achieve great results with;

acne, psoriasis, oil and pimply skin, spider veins
stretch marks, scars, hair, and nail problems.
hormone balancing & libido
menstrual pain or irregularity
weight loss and energy revitalization programs
pain relief and restoration of function
inflammation & swelling

Some of Scenar's amazing results come from stimulating whole body cleansing, digestive system improvement and nervous system tonifying, resulting in detoxification and rejuvenation. In your initial consultation we will discuss detox protocols and other natural self-care options.

For Scenar Facial Treatments 10 - 1 hour sessions minimum 1-2 times weekly is recommended.  Number of sessions will vary depending on individuals’ state of health, age and life style choices. 

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Scenar Testimonials

“I have used the Scenar for immune support and general muscle soreness. I am very impressed with its performance. The results are so fast and complete.” Carol

“I have been suffering with leaky gut syndrome with palpable inflammation and pain in the abdomen where I believe the problem is occurring. I believe this inflammation is due to a bacterial/candida overgrowth of the small intestine. The Scenar has been able to reduce the inflammation on the actual site and has provided pain relief, and overall improvement in how I feel.” N.B.

“The Scenar has relieved the pain I had in the neck. I also had a sore tendon in my upper arm and a sore shoulder which are no longer aching after treatment. I have used the Scenar on my digestive tract and my digestion has improved. I also suffer from spinal stenosis. Since using the device, I have seen some improvement with that condition as well.”  Brian

I lent the Scenar to one of my friends who had carpal tunnel syndrome. After 5 or 6 uses he feels that there is nothing wrong with his hand anymore.” W.L.

What is Scenar?

Scenar is a profound healing technology, originally developed by scientists in the Soviet Union as a healing device for cosmonauts. The Western world first heard of Scenar during the 2000 Olympics when the Australian press dubbed it "Russia's Secret Weapon" - Athletes used it to treat minor injuries and speed up muscle repair.

In the US, Scenar is accepted by the FDA as a class II cybernetic biofeedback device for relaxation training and muscle re-education. In Europe, Scenar is certified for pain control. Because there are no drugs, only low levels of electrical stimulation, treatment leaves the mind alert, and there are no limitations imposed on a person's normal daily activities.

If you are looking for immediate relief from stress, pain, injury, facial or full body rejuvenation, then Scenar Therapy will deliver!

How Scenar Works?

Scenar stimulates the body's own pharmacy with harmless electric impulses via skin nerves. The brain mediates a bio-energy feedback by altering output every few milliseconds. The process initiates the release of biological activators such as endorphins, neuropeptides and other mind/body stimulators. Biofeedback dynamics can induce remarkably rapid healing and function by unblocking "stuck" energy resonances and repetitive central nervous system patterns, allowing the body to heal itself.

Scenar is safe and will not damage any part of the body systems. Patients who have been treated with Scenar remarked they experience a tingling, prickly sensation on the skin. They reported dramatic relief from acute and chronic discomfort and feel "energized" after a brief treatment session.

Research Findings

In Russia the Scenar device has been found to provide rapid pain relief, regulate and normalize body function and accelerate the resolution of pathological processes with diminished symptoms. Russian Scenar doctors/ therapists outside Russia have reported over the past years, many interesting treatment results.

Nearly 11,000 Russian practitioners surveyed reported on 50,000 cases:

93% success with treating eye conditions and diseases of the digestive tract;
84% improvement in repiratory problems;
82% success rate with circulatory disorders, including stroke, thrombosis & heart failure;
79% betterment of muscle injuries, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago and osteoporosis;
Significant results for a variety of neurological conditions;
Significant improvement of facial rejuvenation, as performed by Zulia Frost, M.D.

Benefits of Scenar

Scenar is very effective for the relief of any pain and inflammation in the body including migraine, headache, joint pain, toothache. It is also extremely effective as a treatment for fractures, sprains, ligaments, bruising, swelling  and inflammation.

Full Body Scenar Biofeedback can help the body create homeostasis in restoring equilibrium to unbalanced body systems and can be used to treat almost any health condition with outstanding results over time depending on how chronic and long term the condition is. At the very least regular Scenar treatments may result in enhanced energy, vitality and stress management.

Contraindications not to use Scenar:

Individual intolerance (hyper sensitization);
Heart pacemaker;

Serious mental diseases;
Self-help in case of alcohol intoxication;

Acute infectious diseases of obscure origin.

People with metallic implants such as pins, plates, screws, as well as hip/knee replacements can receive Scenar Therapy.

How many sessions required?

The number of treatments varies from one session to many, depending on the persons’ state of health, age and lifestyle choices. Each complaint is individual and therefore each approach is individual.

If you have a recent Sports Injuries or Acute pain or even physical or mental strain you would expect a fast recovery with noticeable results after a couple of Scenar treatments, with treatment sessions close together.

Chronic or long term conditions respond well to a more gentler, slower approach with a more gradual pain reduction over a longer period of time. Although, many clients have noticed a reduction in pain and their function restored after a few treatments.

To Book a Session.  Discounted Prepaid packages available.




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