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Arthritis: Natural Pain Relief Without Any Painful Treatment or Drugs

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Are you having difficulty writing or holding a cup of coffee because of the pain and swelling in your fingers?
Having trouble climbing stairs because of aching and stiffness in your hips or knees?
Is the diagnosis of arthritis starting to sound like a life sentence of painkillers and restricted activities?
Are achy joints causing you to miss out on exercise and family events?
Are you starting to feel “old” before your time?

               Arthritis Pain Relief Treatment

Many of my clients think that these aches and pains are normal signs of aging and that they should learn to live with them. Arthritis affects nearly 22 million Americans and is responsible for 25% of all visits to primary care physicians each year. GP’s often prescribe anti-inflammatories, rest, and “getting used to it” because it is a consequence of “getting older”. Besides from the obvious toxic effects of prescription medication, many people experience digestive complaints as a result of the medication. How encouraging is that!

The truth is, arthritis and joint pain can be alleviated. Even if you have arthritis stemming from injury or infection to the joint, you can greatly reduce or eliminate the pain, without having to resort to pain medication. Arthritic joint pain does not have to be an accepted consequence of aging.

There are many causes of arthritic joint pain, but addressing inflammation is nearly always the best place to start. Inflammation is a natural process that is triggered by wear and tear, injury and infection. Its purpose is to begin the repair process and eliminate the infection. Inflammation becomes a problem when it persists, and the symptoms (redness, swelling and pain) don't disappear.

How can pain-causing inflammation be reduced?

Following an Acid Alkaline diet, moderate exercise and stress-reduction are the three main lifestyle changes you can make to reduce pain-causing inflammation. Start making these changes now and it will not only lead to less inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, but also greater overall health and vitality.

What can be done in the short-term to reduce my arthritis pain?

The protocol I suggest is a combination of the Ionic Foot Detox and Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy often undermines this gloomy forecast of “get use to the pain” and has turned things around significantly for many arthritis sufferers within 1-3 sessions. It is a gentle form of bodywork that has helped many of my clients to reduce and even eliminate arthritis and joint pain for long periods of time. Bowen Therapy is a safe and effective therapy that can help address the problems of pain, inflammation and immobility that accompany the diagnosis of arthritis. One of the reasons that Bowen is so effective is that it stimulates the body's natural healing response to stop inflammation by bringing the body into a deep state of ease and relaxation.

Bowen Therapy is effective for all types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, psoriatic.

In most cases, the very first Bowen treatment will consist of a few strategically placed muscle rolls with carefully timed pauses between them, while your body absorbs the neuromuscular signals. Because the technique takes several days to integrate throughout your body, treatments are generally spaced about a week apart. Many clients only require a couple of treatments for complete resolution, while others require several treatments to reach their goal.

Have you tried many other holistic and complementary therapies and spent lots of money with little improvement in your condition?

While many of my clients have been referred by a friend who has experienced the results first-hand, other clients are quite often skeptical, having invested hundreds or thousands of dollars on other, unsuccessful treatments. Rest assured that, combined with the Ionic Foot Detox and Bowen Therapy wonderful results can be achieved for arthritis sufferers, even in cases when there have been joint replacements.

The only “catch” with arthritis, is that, although pain levels will decrease and body function will improve, it’s not generally a quick-fix as with other conditions. Clients will notice improvements rather quickly, but quite often feel the need to return every few weeks (as opposed to simpler conditions which will achieve complete resolution). Having said that, I can assure you that the choice to return intermittently is completely yours according to the improvements you experience. Based on the amount of happy arthritic sufferers that I have helped up until now, I can certainly say that you too will be pleased with the results from receiving Bowen Therapy sessions. I guarantee that it will make your life better. You won't regret it!

MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) Therapy is another very effective therapy I offer that has a wonderful effect with arthritis particularly for hands/fingers and feet.

Happy clients with Arthritis:

                     Arthritis Natural Pain Relief
"I couldn’t use my hands properly, because of my swollen knuckles and arthritis pain. It hurt if I tried to open things and my hands throbbed constantly. At the urging of my husband I tried Bowen Therapy. I didn’t think it would help but I went ahead and tried it anyway. The day after the Bowen treatment I didn’t have any pain in my fingers. I have child-proof gate locks at my place of work and I could actually open them. That’s when I noticed that there was no pain! It had been months since I had been able to open the gate. My hands and fingers have been really good ever since. Bowen is a non-intrusive way of removing arthritic pain. I would definitely recommend it for those with arthritis." Robyn Waites

"I came to Bowen because I have arthritis in my wrists and fingers.  It was recommended by a friend who said Bowen had changed her life. Bowen is so gentle – I don’t know how it works, it just does!  During the treatment and for a couple of days after you can feel it working.  The nodule on my left wrist decreased in size within hours.  It was a very big nodule and it halved within two hours, which was amazing.  Also, I haven’t had the arthritic pain in my wrist.  I was putting ice gel and everything on it at night for the pain, but I have not had one bit of pain all winter. I have already recommended Bowen to two others with arthritis." Dianna Schecter

"My GP told me the only option left for me was to have a knee replacement for my painful arthritis.  I was not ready to go through surgery so I came to see Sharon.  I now have regular treatment with Sharon and the swelling has gone down, the pain is less than it was and I am now walking without my stick.  It is so relaxing I look forward to every treatment."

"Thank you to Sharon Walsh for my Bowen treatment. Due to arthritis in two fingers I was in pain and one finger swollen and couldn’t bend it. 10 minutes after the treatment I could bend my finger, swelling going down and virtually pain free. It’s magic! I will highly recommend this form of treatment to others” Alison.

"I was taking 8 pain killers a day to help relieve arthritic pain in the neck. Sharon used the Bowen Therapy to help relieve the pain and I now take one or two painkillers a week."

"I have been having Bowen therapy from Sharon and am very pleased with the results. I have arthritis in both knees. They felt very stiff and I found it very difficult to bend them. There was quite a lot of pain especially if I walked for more than an hour. Now after receiving treatment I find I am able to bend my knees more and sit comfortably with my legs curled up under me, which I was unable to do for more than a couple of minutes. My knees do not feel painful and stiff anymore and I can walk downstairs normally. I am extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend Bowen Therapy to others."

"Before the Bowen treatment I was taking 8 paracetamol and 2 naprosyn per day for painful arthritis in my neck and associated headaches. Now I take maybe 1 or 2 naprosyn per week. The headaches have gone and the neck ache is minimal."

"Still feeling the benefits of your treatment and looking forward to my next. I had the best night’s sleep, and the pain is less than it has been for over a year. My pain is still down 80%. You are amazing." (Lady with arthritic pain in multiple joints)

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