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Trinfinity8 FAQS

How is the Trinfinity8 different from a Rife Generator, or any other frequency generator, for that matter?

Great question! The frequency generators are set up to deliver a single frequency or sequence of frequencies that target a particular organ or symptom or parasite, for example. They may or may not be the exact frequencies for every individual body. Their manuals will say things like, If you don't see results after several weeks, try another frequency.


Trinfinity8 does not target disease states or individual organs. Rather, it supports cellular and system functions so that the body can self-adjust from the level of the DNA -- from the inside out, so to speak.


Frequency generators formed the foundation for the quantum leap T8 took in its delivery system, which streams millions of codes in an algorithmic format, rather than a single-frequency format.

An algorithm in math is a formula that solves a problem. So if the problems are aging or weight gain or hair loss, the algorithms are constructed to solve those problems by informing the DNA of the solution with unique packages of millions of codes designed to re-inform or remind the body how to function in a higher state of wellness.


Plus, frequency generators do not have the extradordinary audio and visual components which further enhance T8's binary code programs by entraining the body's sensory functions with self-healing information.

How safe is Trinfinity8?
Trinfinity8 is a completely safe and easy to use cosmetic personal care product. It is NOT a medical device. It does not scan, diagnose or cure any medical conditions. It is completely safe for use as an anti-aging regimen. Unlike other anti-aging products, it doesn’t cause laser burns or give off uncomfortable electrical pulses. There are no toxic injections or ingestible drugs. Trinfinity8’s digital technology totally frees the user from the potentially harmful effects of invasive cosmetic surgeries and the toxic chemical additives often found in skin creams.

How many sessions are needed? 
Cases of moderate to extreme cellular deterioration may take additional sessions. Trinfinity8 is designed to increase awareness and to help regenerate the body at its own pace. The end goal is to help the user move towards a more total state of self-balance and well-being. Therefore, results may vary depending on the individual and frequency of use. Generally 8-10 sessions is recommended.

How long and how often should sessions be? 
This is often a question that requires a specific and individual response, not a generic one. 1-2 weekly 1 hour sessions is ideal. 

At the end of 10 sessions, will I be at my goal? For example, if I want to lose 30 pounds, will I lose them by the end of the Initial Sequence of 10 sessions, or will my wrinkles by gone by then?

 When we say individual results will vary, what that means is that some people may experience fairly immediate results. This has already happened in some cases. At the other end of the spectrum, other people will have a slower turn-around from the direction the body/mind was going and may not see "the final goal" achieved until some time after the 10 sessions.


Understand this: What is happening during the sessions is that the DNA is gradually getting "awakened" to its higher potential, so that it is not heading in the degenerative direction it was before. So the 'final goal' may or may not not be apparent during the 10 sessions.


In the case of those in their 50s and up or those with severe degenerative conditions, this may just mean that the progress of degeneration has been slowed and that some degree of vitality and quality of life has been restored, along with some percentage of physical adjustments.


These individuals may likely require more than 10 initial sessions to achieve more noticeable physical results, but will definitely experience enhanced and more youthful mental and emotional states.


Most people, however, are in the middle of this spectrum from instantaneous to slower response ... most people will notice the beginnings of results within a few sessions and the body/mind will continue to improve as the Initial Sequence progresses and on throughout the Maintenance sessions to whatever final degree the body/mind has the ability and resources to achieve.


To an extent, the degree to which you achieve a "goal" will be limited by how fully you

embrace the new energy you are feeling,

get on board mentally and emotionally with the positive direction your body/mind is moving toward,

keep your cells hydrated, especially on days you run your programs.


If you look in the mirror every day and say, I don't see any changes, well, that works against all the progress your system is trying to make. It is a negative affirmation and we now know that emotions and environment strongly influence DNA.


Remember, the crystal rods are interactive with your thoughts and feelings during the sessions. And your DNA is continually bathed in your attitudes and emotions as the days go by. So doesn't it make sense to work with the process and not against it with negative thinking?


So, rather than think in terms of "My goal is this and I want to see that by such and such time," we suggest that you simply cooperate with the new direction you desire for your life with enthusiasm, hope, gratitude, and love for yourself.


You are giving yourself a marvelous gift of new life with your Trinfinity8 sessions -- whether you own your own unit, or go to a spa or health center for sessions. Feel the changes and be glad. You will see results in time. Embrace the gift with all your heart and mind.


Will the T8 interfere with my medications?

No, there is nothing in the programs that will interact with your medications. Since you are under a doctor's supervision, you regularly report any changes in how you are feeling, so the doctor will adjust dosages accordingly, if your particular condition does change.

What happens if I have to interrupt a session and leave the PC?

There is no harm in this. Simply pause the program and restart it when you come back. We do recommend that, before you begin, you turn off your phones, tv, any other source of distraction so that your session is exclusively your time for the sake of your well-being.

Do I have to continuously view the fractals on the monitor?

No. If you prefer to close your eyes and absorb the energy, that is fine. You can meditate if you like. In fact, you could fall asleep while it is running and still receive the energy through the crystals.

When I do the weight loss programs, do I have to do a diet, too?

This is not strictly necessary. The Appetite Suppression program will encourage healthier eating impulses. The Increase Muscle Strength program urges the body to get into motion. And the Dissolve Fat/Cellulite and Weight Loss programs work to accomplish those things.

The recent study at Holos University under the direction of Dr. Norman Shealy showed progressive weight loss of a pound a week when the participants only did the introductory protocol, Weight No More, with minimal minutes to each program. They also reported diminished cravings and better control in their food choices, as well as improved scores on Total Life Stress and Jung tests for depression.

However, if you'd like your weight loss to progress more dramatically than that, we do suggest you increase the number of minutes on each program in the protocol. And, if you really want to see more results sooner
, then of course you can incorporate a diet, or diet and exercise, into your plan.


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