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Distant Healing

1) Reconnective Healing 

Many benefit tremendously from these higher Reconnective Healing Frequencies of light and information. The frequencies of all forms of energy healing (Reiki, Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Emotional Freedon Technique (EFT), Jin Shin, and others) are subfrequencies of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.1-3 sessions recommended.
      Session Fee..............................$90                  


2) John of God Crystal Healing Bed 

The Crystal Healing Bed incorporates quartz crystal, colour therapy & sacred geometry. Your information will be placed in the Prayer Triangle for 1 week after your session. 3-6 sessions recommended. 
      Session Fee..............................$70                 

3) Trinfinity8  Rejuvenation & Restoration System 

Trinfinity8 was developed to use your intention and accelerate your desired outcomes in natural alignment to your inner self. T8 is a bioenergetic tool using ancient tones, fractal geometric shapes and mathematics to re-establish natural inner vitality. 

3 OPTIONS are available for Trinfinity8 Distant Healing sessions.

i) Individual Sessions: A custom protocol is created for your specific concerns. 3 sessions recommended for beginners. For more lasting results and longer-term issues, 10 sessions recommended. 
     Session Fee..............................$70             


ii) Home & Space Clearing: Custom protocol to clear home or work environment to rid & clear negative entities and improve the overall energetic atmosphere of an environment. 3-6 sessions recommended.
     Session Fee..............................$70             


 iii) Group Healing Sessions:  SPECIAL OFFER 14 sessions for $140. An Exciting Healing Option for those on a Budget!

Includes 7 topics for group transmissions:
  • Enhancing Your Spiritual Attunement
  • Helping You Sleep Longer and More Deeply
  • Raising Your Energy Levels and Brightening Your Low Moods
  • Calming a Stressed Nervous System That's Over-Active
  • Relieving Aches and Pains
  • Helping Your Body Become Slimmer and Trimmer
  • Enhancing Libido for Men and Women

Group sessions will run an average of 45-50 minutes two times a week for seven weeks on Sunday & Wednesday evenings at approx 9 or 10 pm EST. That's 14 sessions for $140! So you can see this is an amazing deal at less than $10 per Trinfinity8 distant healing session.

      14 Group Sessions.......................$140          


4) Etheric Energy Healing 

Etheric Energy Healing naturally balances and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer. The session involves the use of an Etheric Weaver used together with the Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Music for greatest effect.  The Etheric Weaver is held over a photograph, drawing or name.    
     Session Fee..............................$90                


 5) QuantumWave Laser Healing

QuantumWave Laser Healing incorporates scalar waves plus cold laser technology to re-balance your energy systems, to clearing cellular memory and cellular repair and regeneration. Custom protocol is used based on your issues. The QuantumWave Laser Probes are used in the session.   
     Session Fee..............................$90                   



 Distant Healing Testimonials

In my first experience of performing a distant healing I had to overcome doubt. When the session was over and I spoke to my client who lives over 2,ooo kilometers away. I was amazed to hear that she had a profound session with many sensations and the release of pain that she had been experiencing for many years. Since that time I have found that distant healing is equally or sometimes even more effective than being in close proximity. - Sharon Walsh

“Sharon Walsh is an extraordinarily gifted healer. Two sessions with her have renewed my faith in energetic healing. Immediately following both sessions I experienced a deep sense of well-being and relief.Since then, I have experienced more progress than ever before in recovering from a long-term chronic illness. Thank you, Sharon!” – Lynn F.

"The distant reconnective healing session that I experienced with Sharon was truly amazing, and transformative. I was washed with warm healing energy, and transported to a place of unconditional love, light and surrender. I feel a deep sense of connection to all Life, and worries and fears that I had before the session, are gone,replaced with trust, faith and allowing. I am so grateful and honored to be connected to Sharon and her gift of healing that she offers the World."  - Jen B



14 sessions for $140

Payment Instructions
What is Distant Healing?
Gift a Distant Healing
Prepare for Distant Healing

Payment Instructions

Payment is through PayPal’s secure website. After payment is received you will be notified by email that your appointment time is reserved.

Book a Distant Healing Session
Distant Healing
is scheduled the same as for in-person sessions. Sessions can be arranged for a specific or no specific time frame around it. You will be notified by email before and after your session. To book an appointment email name of distant healing modality, full name, address, brief description of concerns, photo (optional) and date & time for session.
I welcome your email to debrief your healing experience. For further inquires please feel free to email.

 What is Distant Healing?
Distant Healing
is an energetic healing process performed through a Quantum Physics Principle known as “Nonlocality” meaning that distance is not a factor when working in the quantum field outside the perceived reality of our normal time and space continuum. In other words in quantum everything is interconnected and part of a continuous whole, and Distant Healing can occur while the practitioner and client are in separate places even in different parts of the world. In this energetic connection that occurs between practitioner & client, energy instantly follows intention and this creates a sense of oneness that can allow for healing to happen. In understanding energy from a deeper perspective and how we are affected by Distant Healing can help to remap our consciousness to create new healthier realities. Science has proven that live cells continue to react consistent to one another even after they have been separated by several miles. For many, Distant Healing may seem to be a difficult concept to relate to however it is a scientifically proven phenomenon that is extremely effective.

Distant Healing is defined as "any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving physical or emotional well-being in another."

Distant Healing is wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the cell phone. It is fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods. The cell phone works at even greater distances. There simply has to be a sender and a receiver. Like all wireless technology, you just need the code to tap in.

Deepak Chopra - "To promote the healing response, you must get past all of the grosser levels of the body - cells, tissues, organs and systems, and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect".

Dr. Memet Oz on a recent CNN broadcast: "I think that energy and the use of energy in healing will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade."

Distant Healing is a way to accelerate the healing process by altering the energetic essence of the person receiving the healing.

 Distant Healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic considerations. If you are sick, bedridden, live far away, transport is an obstacle or would rather not leave your home for some reason...Distant Healing can support the healing process--without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of a Distant Healing session.

  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Help you cope with chronic health problems
  • Help you recover from illness quicker
  • Stimulate the immune system and detoxify the body
  • Increase motivation
  • Encourage restful sleep
  • Reduce/eliminate pain
  • Assist with lack of confidence, impotence, poor concentration, fatigue, nervousness
  • Assist with end-of-life transition

 Arranging a Healing Session as a Gift for Others
Distant Healing sessions can be arranged for others. Often people want to give the gift of a healing session to a loved one or to someone they know who could benefit from it. Like a prayer, the healing can be offered to another without their permission. If you would like to let them know that you are arranging a healing for them, I can contact them to set up a specific time for the Distant Healing session. If you would like them to have a healing session anonymously, you and I will arrange for the session and then I will email you when I have completed it. It is reassuring to know you can support ones' healing process, even at a distance.

 How to Prepare for a Distant Healing Session
Arrange to be in a quiet relaxed space that is free from distractions. It is a good idea to unplug your phone or turn down the ringer. Please make sure to drink water before and after the session. Have a light blanket nearby since sometimes people experience a "cool" sensation .Close your eyes and relax. Bring your attention inside of you and notice or focus on anything that happens. You may feel some physical sensations, or perhaps emotions, or just feel very calm & relaxed or you may just fall asleep. Highly-sensitive clients may simply be more aware of the healing as it happens. Some people report feeling very relaxed, while others have some amazing spiritual experiences and/or notice improvements over time. Your ability to perceive or feel energy does not deter the effects of distant healing. The Distant Healing energies continue to work long after your session has ended.

Disclaimer: You agreed with your payment for your appointment that Sharon Walsh does not diagnose, treat, or heal any medical condition/disease; no promises or guarantees for any healing have been made. You should always consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professionals before choosing a therapy.  

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