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Subtle Aromatherapy

Ah... a fragrance washes over you and suddenly you are transported back in time to a treasured moment from long ago.... That is the beauty, the essence, the miracle of Subtle Aromatherapy.

Subtle Aromatherapy uses the vibrational qualities of essential oils to facilitate the healing of the body’s energy field, chakras, psyche and soulA session involves bodywork coupled with spiritual healing, energy transfer and essential oils. The oils are applied therapeutically to nourish the mind, emotions and spirit as well as the physical body. Only Young Living Essential Oils are used in the session for their therapeutic, pure and high frequency attributes. 

Benefits of Subtle Aromatherapy

  • promotes healthy lifestyle
  • alleviates stress
  • promotes relaxation
  • enhance mental focus & clarity
  • relieve fatigue                        
  • overcome depression
  • shift your energy
  • remove emotional blocks
  • enhance meditation
  • expand higher states of consciousness

Energetically the oils work on all levels as helpers and healers through a process called persuasive resonance to synergistically combine universal life force with the plants’ and client’s life force. Each essential oil carries a vibrational or energetic signature and many of us have an affinity with the energy of a healthy chakra, meridian or subtle body. When an oil is placed on an imbalanced chakra along with the intention to balance, for example, it gently persuades the chakra back into balance by shifting it into its own healthy frequency.  

The beauty of Subtle Aromatherapy is the acknowledgement of each essential oil taking into account the signature of the plant, the blueprint of their identity. This gives us an opportunity to use their substance to balance and heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How do aromas affect us?

Aromas are received through the olfactory system of the nose. The olfactory membranes under the bony covering of the nose contain hundreds of millions of extremely sensitive nerve endings for receiving and processing aromas. Microscopic vaporized oil particles from every organic substance enter the nose and float along specialized cilia which differentiate each chemical and respond in kind by generating a unique code of nervous impulses which are received by the central nervous system. These impulses then begin a long but momentary journey.

First they are carried to the limbic mid-brain (the center of our emotionals and memories), and then to the base of the brain, which is the pathway between the spine and higher brain centers, passing between the pituitary gland (switchboard of the endocrine system and ALL emotions) and the pineal gland (regulates our biological clock and stimulates our inner vision) and then to a little known part of the brain called the amygdala, which stores and releases emotional trauma. Finally the impulses travel to our taste perception, the gustatory center of the brain. It is no wonder odors, smells and aromas create such a biological and emotional response!

Subtle Aromatherapy session is 1.5 hours. Includes Biomat Healing. 


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