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Trinfinity8 - Become an Owner
Well, how does supercharged health and happiness sound?

The best form of holistic health insurance you can ever buy!

When you have your own Trinfinity8, you  can use it any time you want in the privacy of your own home (or take it with you when you travel) and share it with your whole family (parents, grandparents, kids, brothers, sisters and dear friends).

Are you into meditation, massage, Reiki, reflexology, hypnosis and meridian tapping energy techniques and/or other alternative modalities? Give them a boost by incorporating Trinfinity8 to your next session.

Are you a wellness practitioner (acupuncturist, naturopath, chiropractor)? Add the Trinfinity8 to your existing healing/holistic practice, spa or salon.

Thinking of starting a new business? Start your own healing/holistic practice with your Trinfinity8 to supplement your income or start a whole new career.

The Trinfinity8 System Includes:

Trinfinity8 Device
Trinfinity8 Quartz Crystal Rods w/ leads
USB Cable
Software CD & User Manual
Trinfinity8 Carrying Case
2 year Warranty
Free Lifetime Upgrades
Support & Training from your Broker

Computer System Requirements

To operate efficiently, Trinfinity8 requires:
     * Windows7, Vista, XP, and MAC OSX SNow Leopard or Lion
     * Minimum of 2G Ram memory
     * Hard drive with total of 5 gigabyte free space
     * DVD Drive
     * Audio soundboard
     * VGA Monitor
     * 2MB Minimum
     * Windows Media Player 11 or higher

1024x768 flat screen monitor or higher (for ease of scrolling).

Become Trinfinity8 Owner

Sales of anti-aging and rejuvenation systems are expected to exceed $115 billion per year by 2010. Beauty programs -- including cosmetics, spas, plastic surgeries, botox injections -- already far surpass that figure annually.

And it's not just the boomer generation that's buying, although they've fueled the demand for rejuvenation and beauty options in a major way. 

The point is, the market for Trinfinity8 is enormous and untapped. No other health and beauty system available today lets you rejuvenate your body-mind-spirit using a personal computer!

You've already read how this system far surpasses an individual's beautification and anti-aging/rejuvenation desires ... it uplifts the whole person to a higher level of mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellness and happiness.

Interested in purchasing? Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY 30 Minute Session 

Call Today to find out how you can own your Trinfinity8 and become a Owner.

DISLCLAIMER:  Nothing about Trinfinity8 is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical problems or medical conditions.  Information on the Trinfinity8 is intended to be used for educational purposes only.  The statements of this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such, shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise.  Trinfinity8 is for investigational use only.



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