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Intro to Young Living Essential Oils: A Chemical-Free Lifestyle

A Unique Solution to Restore Your Health Back into Balance

      Thursday December 15th, 2016  7:00 - 9:00pm 
WHERE:    Dynamis Health Centre 
                     95 Torbay Road, St. John's, NL


  Sharon Walsh 

Today's world is filled with health threats. Increased exposure to toxins, poor quality, nutrient deficient foods, high stress and little exercise are all part of a modern lifestyle. The result is a rapidly growing number of wide-ranging health problems that affect every aspect of our health. In the end, our health is out of balance.

Fortunately nature has provided a solution that has been used for centuries all over the world - essential oils. Extracted from a wide variety of plants and botanicals, essential oils are the essence of the plant and contain various active compounds with an outstanding capability to positively affect the body and mind. Most noticeable by the aroma, essential oils can be used to effect change within the body for numerous health concerns.  

Come and learn many practical uses on how essential oils offer simple, effective and natural support to keep you healthy and vibrant.

Get to sample essential oils and oil-infused products bringing nature’s best to help nourish our bodies for peak performance and good health. 

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