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Lumalight Colour Therapy

Lumalight Colour Therapy is a holistic energy-based modality that encompasses a dynamic and revolutionary approach to restore and maintain a correct balance of vital energy in the energy field. It uses an advanced methodology of colour therapy that combines the science and philosophy of many disciplines such as quantum holographic and geometric concepts, colour therapy, acupuncture and meridian therapy.  


Everything in Nature and all life on Earth is influenced and coloured by this visible rainbow spectrum of light. In its purest form color is energy and is carried in light and is basic to all life. To feel a sense of well-being and vitality, we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink and from the colour energy carried in light. We are surrounded by light and interact with it in our lives as our visible spectrum. Delivered to us from the Sun, it radiates and influences our every move through our energy field supporting life by creating harmony and a natural state of balance. What ancient healers knew intuitively and what modern science is now validating is that the external application of different colour frequencies has widespread benefit.


How is a Lumalight Colour Therapy done?

Lumalight Colour Therapy uses a hand-held device called the Lumalight to apply specific colour light beams to specific locations on the body. These locations correspond directly to acupuncture points and reflex zones and can be used to alleviate discomfort and symptoms of blocked energy in the meridian system. This blocked energy for example can contribute to symptoms of sinus congestion, headaches, low energy and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Each beam of colour gets absorbed by the cells in our body to help replenish our natural energy reservoirs which encourages the body’s ability to self heal. The Lumalight is held approx
2-8 inches off the body while the colour light beams penetrate directly into areas of the bio-energy field (aura) around the body.


Lumalight Colour Therapy uses seven primary colours carried in light that are further distilled into shades, combinations and patterns. Each colour has a unique energy vibration pattern and different therapeutic uses, for example, cool colours such as blue reduces inflammation and hot colours such as red stimulates circulation and wonderful for pain relief.



Lumalight Colour Therapy is a non-invasive and gentle approach to healing that everyone can benefit from.  A session can have different effects on the body’s energy by raising, calming, balancing and clearing negative energies and it doesn't just symptom-chase, it actually addresses the underlying causes of emotional and physical disease through the aura - the field of light surrounding and encompassing the physical body.


Use of colour energy is also proving beneficial for people suffering from jetlag, and eating and mood disorders, including bulimia. It can be used to treat skin ailments that is reflected through a healthier appearance and good skin tone however increased vitality and rejuvenation can be achieved that is more than just skin deep. It helps with relaxation, relief of acute pain, treatment of chronic ailments and open pathways to enhance emotional and spiritual development.


The ultimate goal of Lumalight Colour Therapy is to re-establish energy balance in the whole body by clearing trauma, conflicts and blockages that prevents one from flowing freely on their chosen path.


A session includes the Lumalight Colour Therapy techniques; Chakra Balancing, Colour Reflexology Facial as well as other balancing protocols.

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