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Shambhala Meditation Healing System


I am so pleased with the healing tools that I have been using over the past few years. The metatron mat has been invaluable in helping me to sleep and reduce my pain. I have referred to it, at times, as my miracle mat. I love my two vajras, and my pendant is a near-constant companion. Thank you so much for these wonderful healing tools! - Robin 

I have had fibromyalgia for about 20 years and just wanted to share the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing tools are fantastic for pain management. I don't have to use as much medication because my pain has decreased so much! I have the Metatron mat system & the Shambhala star and really enjoy both!

When I
meditate on the Metatrons Mat, it puts me into a very deep state of relaxation. In that relaxed state I often feel a lot of heaviness lifting from my etheric body, I can feel energy move through ,accompanied by twitching and flicking sensations as I feel this energy leave. I also sleep on the Mat at night and find it vital for maintaining energy levels when I sleep, so I wake up feeling much better and much more fresh than if I sleep without it. It really helps with psychic attack at night too. The Metatrons Mat and the other heeling tools I use that are designed by H.H Buddha Maitreya are the strongest and most clearing healing tools I have come across.

Meditation Healing System is a powerful healing and meditation
 The Metatron Mat, Vajras and the Solar Cross which are hand crafted by Shambhala monks are the meditation healing tools used in the session. These tools are based on the Science of Metatronics and the Law of Sacred Geomancy that combines sacred geometric form with pure crystal, gemstones, gold, copper and magnets.  They are designed to strengthen Chi (life force) and attune the meridian system and natural magnetic field of the body. They neither over-stimulate nor under-stimulate but rather balance and purify the energy systems of the body.

Metatron Mats’ design is based on one of the most well known sacred geometric proportions called the Vesica Pisces which represents two equal circles creating a diamond shape. The Metatron Mat works on the energy body to attune to the DNA in the body; both the physical DNA, the light that is in the DNA and the magnetic field that carries that light.

The Solar Cross is a physical form that transforms negative energies then radiates back out positive energy. It’s like changing fear and hate into love. It is a pulsing pattern of wholeness and beauty that heals anything that is not whole, full and complete in all worlds and dimensions including the astral and mental. 

Meditation Healing System aligns you to a peaceful, meditative state that allows the meridians and chakras to be balanced as you become attuned to the higher vibration of light found within all life.

Meditation Healing System is a very safe therapy and suits any stress related conditions.

How does Meditation Healing System session work?

During Meditation Healing System session, you lie down on the magnetic Metatron Mat and simply hold the Vajras, one in each hand with the Solar Cross hanging over head while relaxing and listening to the ancient universal prayers and invocations from the Soul Therapy CD. Emotions will naturally calm down and it helps to clear the mind.

The Vajras and Solar Cross are connected by wires to the left and right side of the mat. This helps balance and connect all 7 chakras in right relationship allowing the brain the opportunity to fully open up. By comparison, when we spend time thinking selfishly about ourselves and our problems or are stressed and worried, we use less than 10% of our brain.  

Meditation Healing System works spontaneously in union with the receiver’s chi and the transmitted chi. 

Benefits of the Meditation Healing System

  • Reported benefits from using the tools and music have been spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, extending well beyond the initial period of meditative relaxation                      
  • Promotes healing, self-healing, restful sleep and deep meditation                
  • Contact with the tools helps open up the flow of Chi (energy) through the meridians and energetic centers and clears blockages in the etheric field that can manifest as physical problems and negative emotional patterns/ thought forms which may be difficult to change. As our chi energy increases, these negative patterns and problems begin to shift and transmute resulting in manifesting greater emotional balance, physical health & well-being, clarity of mind and greater happiness.                       
  • Positive life changes are experienced in ones’ life as one shows greater courage and discernment to detach from negative circumstances or relationships and release bad habits.                          
  • Good chi or high vitality makes it possible to fight against stress, helping to prevent the cause and conditions of disease on all levels and creating a balanced energetic exchange resulting in regeneration and self-vitalization.                
  • Brings more positive experiences and a greater ability to be in and enjoy the moment.

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