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Relieve Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Bursitis Without Any Painful Treatment or Drugs

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Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief Therapy

Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons for GP visits.
Because the shoulder is such a movable joint, it has a high risk of instability. This instability can lead to many different problems, being the most common the nerve impingement syndrome (Bursitis and Rotator Cuff Tendonitis) and frozen shoulder.

Most GP's will say that nothing can be done for frozen shoulder and shoulder pain - you just have to wait it out for 18 to 24 months until it goes away on its own. Frozen shoulder indeed will go away after that time, but left on its own, it can be excrutiating for several months.

Rather than "waiting it out", why not try Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is now widely recognised as being at the forefront of recovery for Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain and restrictive problems in general. It has a reputation to have much shorter recovery times than other ‘manipulation’ type therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy. Bowen is safe and pain-free alternative to cortisone injections, medication and physiotherapy.

So what is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, relaxing, non-invasive and pain-free approach to the treatment of frozen shoulder. Precise rolling movements are performed over specific muscles and connective tissue.   These movements send powerful signals through the tissues of the body that work to balance the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems and break up adhesions causing limited range of motion.

How many Bowen sessions do I need for Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain?

Three to six sessions are required for frozen shoulder and Shoulder Pain. Usually you can expect relief form pain after two to four sessions.

Research has shown Bowen to be effective for treatment of frozen shoulder.

An English study published in the UK showed effective results with Frozen Shoulders after 3 to 6 treatments, even with those who had long-standing conditions. The study involved 20 participants diagnosed with frozen shoulder and treated with Bowen Therapy. 70% of participants regained full mobility, equal to the unaffected side, by end of treatment. The other participants showed significant improvement in mobility and associated function. 80% of participants reported a pain level of 0-2, down from a level of 10. Some still reported mild ache but none reported any invasive or intense pain, which they had experienced before receiving Bowen Therapy.

At the conclusion of this study, participants reported a high level of satisfaction with Bowen Therapy, a commitment to use Bowen in any future case of relapse or for another condition, and the intention to recommend the therapy to friends and family.

Testimonials from Sufferers of Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment

"Just after the first treatment, and just walking down the road, I felt really good... because I came in with quite a pain in my shoulder and down my arm. I thought 'Oh, yes, this is really super!' I began to feel it at night again and when I was tired. But as the days went on and each subsequent week it got better and better. I was quite amazed myself that I felt so much relief after such a short time, after having it so long." - Gillian Scott

“I have had a painful shoulder impingement since the beginning of the year, which meant any form of movement in my right arm was absolute agony. I underwent several physiotherapy sessions at another practice, which made little or no difference, and was told recovery (plus weekly treatments) would take at least 6 months. I then went to see Sharon and after one session I felt 80% better, which i couldn't believe. I went to see her for a second appointment a week later, and the pain has been virtually eradicated, and only present if I overly rotate my arm/shoulder, but, with the simple strengthening exercises Sharon has given me, should mean I am 'back to normal' very soon. I am genuinely surprised at how quickly the treatment has worked, and would 100% recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone.” - Libby Weston

“When I injured my right shoulder last year, it rapidly developed into the fully frozen stage, with pain at night which interfered with sleep, as well as making it impossible for me to use a computer or carry bags.  I consulted with an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in shoulders and he said that the average recovery time would be at least 18 monthsI have been very impressed with a course of Bowen treatments, supplemented by exercises to perform at home, which resulted in much improved mobility within four months.  Bowen has also been helpful to me in posture adjustment and helped with a repetitive strain injury, caused by typing while my shoulder was still frozen.  I think patients new to Bowen Therapy will also be pleased with a practitioner’s commitment to only offer sessions at the frequency with which they are really required, and only if they are causing improvement.” – Jean Gibson

“I had a very painful arm and shoulder injury and Sharon was fantastic - she fitted me in the same day and over the next 4 weeks she used a combination of Bowen and Laser which alleviated the pain.  Sharon's follow up between appointments was incredibly thoughtful and supportive and she had a very quiet, confident and reassuring style when treating me.” – Christina Langley

“I regularly have trouble with my shoulders and knees due to my job as a fitness instructor and when things start to play up Sharon is the first one I call! Every time I see her I notice a real difference, and after a couple of sessions I feel back to normal. The treatments seem to be more effective each time I go. I know that no treatment will ever stop my problems from arising as my job is the cause of these problems, but out of everything I've tried, from osteopathy to acupuncture, I can honestly say Bowen Therapy has been the most effective for me and I highly recommend it.” – Stephanie Sweeton

“I am a retired builder and an ex bricklayer and an active sportsman in my early 60's. Several years ago it was necessary for me to stop any strenuous activities due to a condition described as "frozen shoulder". Recommendations were made to be treated by physiotherapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. A course of 6 direct injections of cortisone was also tried, but all of these were unsuccessful, and my only option was surgery. As a last resort I visited Sharon Walsh and was introduced to Bowen Therapy. After one hour of treatment I experienced a noticeable improvement in my mobility and after two more sessions I was completely pain free with full range of movement. The treatment is non invasive and surprisingly gentle and the results are amazing. An added bonus is the ability to enjoy a full night's sleep which was not an option prior to the treatment, due to the pain. I fully recommend Bowen Therapy to any person who is suffering from pain.” – Sammie Costa

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