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Revolutionary Sports Injuries Treatment for Athletes - Bowen Therapy

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Are you currently suffering from a sports injury?
Or would you like to minimize the risk of athletic sprains and other sports injuries?
You may just be looking for a way to improve your sporting performance – your golf swing, perhaps.

Sports Injuries Treatment

If you love to hit the golf range on the weekend, “Why not give Bowen Therapy a try”, you will most definitely see significant improvement in your swing.

Sunday league footballer or full-time sports professional, such as swimming, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, hockey and cycling, – Bowen Therapy can accelerate your recovery from injury, help to prevent future sports injuries, and improve your sporting performance. Pulling up sore after a long ride? Bowen Therapy and cyclists battling the ‘Three Hills’ go hand in hand. Bowen Therapy is important for injury repair and body balance – and this brings a sports-person back into the game.

For Gym enthusiasts Bowen Therapy compliments any regular routine. Aerobics, cardiovascular and weights can take their toll on the body as well as cause injury. As a monthly treatment routine Bowen Therapy replaces massage by reenergising the body, maintaining optimum muscle health, preventing injury and especially as a relaxing treatment.

Bowen Therapy is an extremely effective sports injury treatment that treats many musculoskeletal complaints having immediate effect in many typical sporting injuries such as pulled groin, knee injuries, ankle injuries, swelling, hamstring injuries, shin splints, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injuries, pelvic pain, concussion, tennis elbow, bursitis and many more. Most acute injuries will respond quite quickly and generally only one to three treatments is required, chronic injuries usually will take a couple more sessions.

Bowen Therapy is also for the prevention of sporting injuries – so just before the finals, it is highly recommended to have a Bowen treatment 5 to 7 days before game-day to ensure your body is in balance and ready for action.

Why choose Bowen to treat a sports injury?

Bowen Therapy often produces immediate results with acute sports injuries untouchable by other therapies. Time and time again, Bowen Therapy has been shown to produce rapid, long-term relief from sports injuries, with no side effects. Even in very serious or acute conditions where an injury has just occurred, Bowen Therapy is being used with enormous success.

But why is Bowen so effective at treating and preventing sports injuries?

Unlike most other therapies, Bowen Therapy treats the whole body. Chiropractic treatment, for example, may give temporary relief – but it only treats the spine, which can subsequently be “pulled back” into its originally misaligned state, especially in the case of long-term injuries.

Although body or sports massage can ease muscles in spasm, numerous treatments may be necessary before tension and pain are dissipated. Bowen Therapy, on the other hand, helps the body to make its own adjustments to achieve quick and long-lasting results.

Bowen Therapy rivals Physiotherapy, which is based on rehabilitation through exercise, can take many months to start showing results. Bowen Therapy has successfully tackled sports injuries that have traditionally been treated with physiotherapy.

Like no other therapy, Bowen Therapy rapidly releases surface and deep-seated tensions that diminish the body’s ability to deflect torsional forces and punishing blows. This improves co-ordination, increases stamina and reduces vulnerability to injury.


What would it be worth to an athletic team, whether amateur, semi- professional, or professional to have athletes with increased performance, greater endurance, less injury and drastically reduced time an athlete would be out of play if they do become injured?

Sports professionals and sports therapists have recognised Bowen Therapy as a highly effective method of treating and preventing sports injuries, and its reputation is now spreading among athletes of all disciplines. Studies show that competitors having regular Bowen treatments consistently perform better, and enjoy an accelerated rate of recovery from injury. After a few treatments most athletes find that their ability to focus is greatly increased, their endurance, stamina and energy level significantly prolonged, their mobility flexibility and coordination is greatly improved,  their ability to perform is far superior, and their susceptibility to injury is tremendously reduced, helping them raise their game to a new level.

Athletes who have had ankle, back, knee, neck, shoulder, groin and hamstring strains or pulls, have received immediate noticeable differences during and after receiving a treatment. i.e. increased range and ease of motion, athletic fluidity, and release of strain tension or muscle cramping. Many who have received strains or pulls during games or events were treated immediately and resumed playing in 2-5 minutes at 80-100%!

Sports Injuries Therapy Clinic
Football players who were diagnosed with a concussion were treated using Bowen Therapy and the signs of the concussion disappeared within 2-5 minutes after treatment. The athletes were able to resume play shortly thereafter after physicians approval.

Other athletes who have had chronic shoulder, knee, elbow, or other joint pain due to old injuries had either an immediate noticeable decrease or total elimination of the pain. Still others who have complained of tightness in the chest and slight breathing difficulties have received immediate relief and a greater ability to breathe deeper.

Testimonial from Professional Football Player:

"I have played football with much more intensity this year, with only very slight injury, and far greater performance. The only single thing that I have done different this year from other years is to receive Bowen Therapy treatments. It made my year!" Dustin S.

What the experts say about Bowen for Sports Injuries:

Renowned California-based sports therapist Craig Mattimoe said that, after many years of treating and preventing athletic injuries, he could “confidently report that no other broad-based modality in all of North America comes close to Bowen Therapy. Nothing else compares. I work mostly with athletes, particularly football players, who are big business in America, and Bowen literally outshines all of the current accepted sports medicine techniques, both traditional and alternative.

Dr Jo Anne Whitaker, the distinguished US doctor and two-times winner of the Florida Amateur Women’s Golf Association Tournament, says: Bowen Therapy helps break records in golf and prevents, as well as treats, golf-related injuries.”

Testimonials for various Sports Injuries:

Footballer – male aged 27 - Back/groin/hamstring pain: 3 treatments
Danny had been having recurring problems with his back, groin and upper leg muscles for most of the season. A chiropractor advised him that there was nothing really wrong with his bone structure. Before starting Bowen Therapy, Danny had only scored 5 goals in 27 games. From starting Bowen treatment until the end of the season, he scored 10 goals in 12 games. Danny said: “In my view, that says it all! I also didn’t miss a game through injury.”

Rugby player – male aged 30 - Twisted knee - 2 treatments
A badly twisted knee, suffered in a rugby game, put Dave off the field. He received immediate Bowen treatment and within days felt good enough to try running again. But the knee was still painful, so a week later he received a second Bowen treatment. Following this he was able to return to competition rugby.

Cricketer – male aged 23 - Cartilage/ligament damage - 4 treatments
Harry’s left leg was in plaster following cartilage removal and damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee owing to further ligament problems, and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets. Amazingly, after just four Bowen treatments, the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that the anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.

Canoeist – female aged 33 - Shoulder injury - 1 treatment
Nancy had suffered loss of mobility in one shoulder after a canoe rolling accident seven years previously. Having received no response from physiotherapy, she was told that Bowen is known to be exceptional at treating shoulder problems. After only one treatment she was able, for the first time in seven years, to raise her arm fully vertical.

Others Testimonials:

“In my experience as a squash pro for the past 24 years, I’ve tried all types of therapy and bodywork. Nothing I’ve had has ever been as effective as Bowen. … In my opinion it is the fastest way to recover from all types of sports injuries.”

“After sustaining a partial tear injury of my calf muscle, 3 sessions of Bowen has resulted in full movement returning within less than 2 weeks of injury. I had no need for physio. I was told that healing would take 6 weeks by an orthopaedic surgeon. My Bowen Therapist also treated my shoulder which has been painful since a whiplash injury 4 years ago. The 3 Bowen sessions have ensured the pain has completely subsided with the effect of forgetting that I’ve had an injury.” Sarah Hall

When suffering from a sports injury, see your Bowen Therapist as soon as possible. You will be amazed at how instantly the pain will be alleviated and how quickly your body will start  to heal.

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